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Menopause is Inevitable, Suffering is not.

Ladies, the Law has changed, you are now entitled to a kinder working environment.”
I’m here to undertake your specific Menopause risk assessment and offer advice helping you to navigate the way forward as a consequence of recent legal rulings.

Need an instant cool or warm zone to relieve those flushes?

Reasonable adjustments are no longer a wish list but a reality, so let’s start planning your Menopause Management plan.
Before that we need to understand why Menopause is today’s political hot potato.
There are an estimated 16 million women in the workplace, of those around 1.7 m women are of menopausal age, so just do the math, disturbing to say the least!

Why it’s so relevant today:

Just look back in time: Go back to the 70’s and the majority of women were employed in manufacturing. To be frank, working conditions weren’t great so it was a matter of grin and bear it!!
In the 80’s however “service sector” took off and exported us all from the manufacturing floor to shiny new offices.
The Menopausal Serviced sector revolution started with Golf ball Typewriters, leading to the PC and Word processor, then hey presto here we are in the Cloud with all those repetitive strain injuries and work-related upper limb disorders just aggravating your Menopausal symptoms, including brain freeze and back ache.
The good news is workstation use and injury is covered in law to protect both parties, so there is a risk assessment requirement to fulfil.
As part of the service sector revolution, Major new legislation was introduced The HSW Act existed, followed by the Management of H & S at Work Regs and a host of other Regulations, setting out min temperature, Ventilation lighting & noise, and clothing requirements, let alone workstation safety and injury.

Fast forward, here we are in 2024, what does this ruling mean for you?

Well, the most Recent rulings means that employers are now required, to undertake a written risk assessment in order not only to support reasonable adjustments but to assess the majority of Menopausal symptoms relative to the workplace and activities including the workplace, business travel, driving on business and to put into place reasonable arrangements, facilities and services.
Start your Menopause workplace agenda & management plan today.
The employer will no doubt have an HR resource or manager, so meet and discuss in an open and caring manner. I suggest introducing and adopting a common caring rule as the first item and should be adopted by all.
Objectives: Very important for all concerned to understand the legal ruling so you are all on the same page and can reach a common goal.
Be realistic, for example, UK heating and air conditioning systems are not always suited to fast adjustments, compromise, incorporate a cool and warm room/zone for instant relief!

Gives meaning to chill out!!!

Are you suffering from Menopausal Mental Health & Wellbeing issues:

Employers should make sure they have steps, procedures and support in place to help staff affected by the menopause.

Having regular conversations with staff and listening to their concerns might help resolve issues early on before any potential legal action is taken.

Employers should make sure they know how the menopause relates to the law, including the:

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
  • The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • Equality Act 2010, which protects workers against discrimination
  • Multiple further supporting H & S Regulations

Ironically most of wellbeing is already covered in H & S legislation so most employers will offer a counselling service and help.

Hey: Help Yourselves: What about In-house menopause club/counselling meetings?
So to wrap up, it’s a thumbs up from me, Congratulations Ladies, you have successfully changed the law.
Now its time to move forward and get those risk assessments adjustments in place to support your Menopausal needs. Get in touch today for a free quotation.

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