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Health & Safety Audits and Compliance

What is an Audit

An Audit is a process that allows us to measure an Organisations compliance to Health & Safety legislation and the effectiveness of the current Risk Assessment process, policies, procedures and an Organisations “Safe System of Work” including Contractor Safety and internal Rules & Regulations.

In addition the Audit will identify any new hazards in the workplace, relevant trends in respect of Slips, Trips and Falls and at the same time incorporate the requirements of new and amended legislation that has occurred, since the date of the original Risk Assessments and policies.

Why Audit

Because you have an absolute legal duty to monitor, maintain and review all matters and arrangements of Health & Safety. By adhering to the Audit requirement and process an Organisation will be able to demonstrate that Health & Safety is pro actively managed in accordance with legislative, Insurers and Fire Dept requirements.

An Audit will also act as a suitable defence in a court of law, should either Civil or Criminal proceedings be instigated.

Applicable Legislation:

Consequences of Non Conformity

Health & Safety legislation unlike conventional English Law, assumes you are guilty until proven innocent. In other words, the burden of proof lays with the Defendant to prove his/her innocence.

Fines & Imprisonment

As a consequence of new legislation, namely The Health and Safety (Offences) Act 2008, imprisonment and fines of up to £20,000 may now be imposed upon an individual employee regardless of rank or position. This serves to demonstrate that ownership of Health & Safety is now every ones responsibility and acts as a warning to ensure ongoing maintenance and management of all Health & Safety matters.