Police Marksmen Demoted for Health and Safety Reasons

Three members of an elite team have been demoted for breaches with safety and health.  A photograph was shown to the public wherein the marksmen were fooling around with a gun.  It was a shotgun and the photograph was taken by the instructor of the team.

Those who investigated the incident stated it was embarrassing that two officers would have such a pose and that they would be using a shotgun without consideration of health and safety.  It does not matter if the gun was not loaded or if the safety was on.  There could have been a bullet left in the chamber or something else could have gone wrong.  Though the picture and two officers were just having a little fun, they were in full uniform and carrying handguns.

It is most definitely a huge health and safety issue to see two officers with one pointing the gun at another even in fun.  The picture was actually found when an officer’s home was raided last June for his own personal issues with safety at the workplace.  The point is that the incident could have resulted in a death or injury and it should never have occurred.  The instructor is suspected of taking the photo, but there is no actual evidence as of yet to say it was the instructor.  At the very least, the officers will now think twice about playing around with firearms even if they are paying attention to safety.