Health and safety risk assessments in the workplace

In business, workstation risk assessments are an imperative step to take in order to protect your workers and your business. It is also essential to comply with the UK health and safety laws that require you to have a duty of care for your employees.  There are certain risks that are pretty easy to notice in the work place such as working on ladders, spills that need to be cleaned up immediately, and much more.  The UK requires you to conduct workstation risk assessments to not only point out what to do with the basic health and safety risks, but also to offer protocol on those not so easy to recognise.  The following five steps can be used to determine how your company will handle the risks and conduct the assessments.

The first thing to do is recognise the hazards in your business.  With Winter and Co. risk assessment and safety course, you will learn how to identify hazards beyond those that are common sense.  The next step in a risk assessment is to decide who might be harmed and how that incident might happen.  There may be certain employees more likely to be harmed by a risk in the business simply because they are in the hazardous area more often.  It is up to you and your company to evaluate these risks and decide on prevention methods to make certain no one is harmed.  The third step is always determined by who and how the person could be harmed.  In a factory, for example, machines can often be the reason a person is hurt.  If the machines are unguarded or the safety measures have been turned off, the situation creates risk.  In this instance, guards or safety measures can be installed to prevent most accidents.  Record and review your workstation assessment.  If you have questions on how to do this, contact Winter and Co. and take a course.