Commemoration of health and safety at work incidents

Worker’s Memorial Day in Leeds is going to celebrate workers that died during work related issues.  This commemoration will include trade unions all around West Yorkshire. The event will occur at Armley Industrial Museum at 2pm.  Last year on the same day, a tree was planted.  This year, other events are being planned such as a wreath to be laid at the ceremony grounds to remember those that died because of health and safety at work issues.

The day is about remembering those who have died in health and safety accidents as well as to raise awareness for other workers.  It is also about workers who have sustained any injuries because of work related incidents, including a rail worker who has a permanent disability because of an avoidable work injury.  Darren Skelton lost part of his thumb due to an infection after dealing with pipes that were part of the human waste system on trains.  He received £7,500 compensation, but will never have the full function of his hand.

Other incidents will also be remembered and discussed to remind workers of the importance of health and safety at work.  It is also about reminding companies that they can avoid many of the accidents that lead to court fines by providing proper risk assessments and training to their employees.  The commemoration will certainly help families come together and grieve.  Many will be able to talk about their losses or work incidents with those who have suffered the same.