Workington Hall may Reopen

A request has been filed for Workington Hall to reopen.

A few years ago Workington Hall was closed due to health and safety risks.  There is currently a request that the historic hall be reopened and the health and safety issues to be fixed.  It has been stated after a few investigations that the closure was unfounded, at least according to Allerdale Councilor.  They hope to have a ceremony on the 19th of May, 2012 for the hall to be reopened.

There will most likely be a little work done on the hall to ensure it is safe.  It was originally closed because there was talk about a serious crack in the gatehouse.  An engineer later checked this out and did not find a crack.  Over the next several weeks more officers will examine the building to see if there is any other reason why it should not be used.

Since there has not been anything so far it is likely that the reopening ceremony will go on as planned.  If there is need of any work it will surely be conducted before the ceremony.  The hall has been used for years for local festivals and there are many anxious to have it back.  It was the home where Mary Queen of Scots is said to have lived her last night of freedom.  The building has been somewhat neglected.  This is one reason there may be some work done before it is officially reopened, but as far as structure goes it has been given a safety rating of good.