Worker Dies following Printing Press Health and Safety Breach

The UK court system in Peterborough heard about a worker death regarding a printing press.  An engineer was crushed during maintenance of the printing press.  The man was 43 at the time of the incident.  He was also a father of two. For them to move on it is important for the case to be solved as to what led to the man’s death and whether any health and safety at work reasons were the cause.  The employee was on the night shift when the automated process for the presses stopped.

The worker was able to see that the locking pin on the paddle wheel area was out of place.  He climbed down to the machinery in order to get the pin back in the right place, but the wheel was freed and came down on him crushing him before he could escape.

The factory was found at fault and admitted to their guilt in breaching health and safety laws such as 2(1) section of 1974 laws.  The factory will have to pay £112,000 plus other costs for the case.  The fact is that there were two incidents of the same malfunction before the worker’s death.  The company did not act on the information that the press was malfunctioning and have it fixed properly.  Their negligence led to a bigger issue.  This was the loss of a father and an employee of the company.