Unregistered gas fitter ends up in court

A gas fitter that did work in Hucknall is being fined for illegally working on gas appliances since he was unregistered.  He put lives at risk working on a new gas boiler at an apartment. Robert Metcalf was found to be unregistered when the new boiler started showing issues.  The customer contacted the Gas Safe Register to find the individual was not on the list.  The HSE conducted health and safety audits to determine if Metcalf also worked on other locations without proper registration.

The HSE also found defects with the boiler such as earth bonding, pipe work, sleeve work, and other problems that could have raised some serious dangers to the family living in the home such as carbon monoxide poisoning or explosion.  Metcalf admitted his guilt in court regarding the health and safety breaches.  He will be fined £500 and £200 for court costs.

To work legally in the UK, as a gas fitter one must undergo training and be on the registered list of gas fitters.  There is also a difference between residential and commercial gas work.  This requires different training and registration.  Metcalf failed to have either certification and still carried out the work that could have led to sickness or death in the worst case.  It is lucky the homeowners took action about the boiler issues before things could become dangerous enough to cost a life or damage their health.