Union issues report on health and safety workplace deaths

New information has become known in regards to worker deaths that occur each year in the UK.  According to official figures released about deaths in the workplace there are more than 800% than what is being released by government officials. A union has released the information that there are more deaths than are actually counted.

According to the union, there were 1,400 workplace deaths last year.  This is eight times more than the official statistics published at the beginning of the year.  Workers’ Memorial Day is coming up and the union felt those who died deserved their names to be recognised as part of the workplace deaths.  The day is meant to remember those who die from accidents or diseases at work.  Health and safety is paramount to keeping these numbers down, but the UK government is committed to changing the rules.

In recent months, there have been a lot of talks about reducing the health and safety red tape that currently exists.  The union feels this would be an incorrect move, since there are high rates of deaths not even publicised as work related.  The people need to know what the truth is, not find the data being hidden so that things look more favourable on paper.  There are too many work related deaths if there is even one.  Reducing regulations could cause double the deaths that happened last year, rather than reducing the numbers to an acceptable amount.