Shipyard fined due to health and safety breach

Pendennis Shipyard sees a fine due to a worker fall from scaffolding.  An apprentice was seriously hurt due to the fall.  The individual was 19 years old in 2011 when the incident occurred.  The fall created damage to his knees, which will likely create issues for him during his lifetime.  Although he can still walk and recovery has been in progress, such issues with knees can be permanent.

The HSE was brought in for health and safety audits of the incident to determine if the shipyard was at fault for safety breaches.  The resulting fines issued in April 2012 show that there was fault on the part of the company.  The worker was on the dry dock working to clear plastic tenting that was around the boat during painting.  He was on the first level of the scaffold when he tripped and fell two metres to the dock.

The worker went through physiotherapy to regain the movement in his legs.  It was an issue of health and safety training in that the worker was not properly told about the planks on the scaffold.  The planks were not secured and there were no safety rails in place to prevent a fall.  Safety rails should definitely have been in place according to work at height regulations and the 19 year old should have been informed that the planks could be removed or move if bumped.  The company has pled guilty and will pay a fine.