Plumber convicted through health and safety audits

A plumber has been convicted after leaving many at risk in their households.  This plumber, Brian Lloyd, carried out illegal gas work in homes around Leeds.  He was exposed through a TV programme in 2009 during which it was shown that he was conducting illegal work.  The plumber was 59 at the time and owned his own business.  He was investigated through health and safety audits conducted by the HSE.  They prosecuted him in 2010.  At the time, he received a 17-week prison sentence.  This was suspended for 12 months.

Despite this sentence and being convicted, he was back at it again six months later.  In August 2010, he removed a boiler from a home in Ossett.  He then set to work on installing another boiler, this time a combination boiler.  Even though he had a suspended sentence pending and a prohibition notice due to his health and safety failings he still conducted the work.

The court has recently heard about this second incident to determine what type of sentence he should receive for this second court appearance.  It was stated that despite the sentence from before and being exposed on TV it did nothing to stop him.  He still continued to breach safety regulations.  His new sentence requires 250 hours of community service and £500 in court costs.  It may seem as though it is a relatively light sentence considering his original sentence was suspended for 12 months and during that time, he continued to create new offences.