Pesticide storage warning for better health and safety

The HSE has issued a new pesticide storage warning.  The warning has come on the heels of a West Norfolk pest controller being prosecuted.  The controller was in court over putting pesticides in a shed without a lock.  The controller helps with rabbit and fox control in West Norfolk, but due to his violation of health and safety, he is going to pay a fine of £1,000.  This is actually due to two incidents of pesticide-related health and safety at work risks.

Anyone who works with pesticides has received the new warning.  The warning states that they will be prosecuted if any safety and health law is not followed, but the safe storage of pesticides will.  Pesticides can be accessed by anyone if the proper locks are not placed on the storage facilities.  These pesticides could be used for a number of purposes such as outright poisoning, terrorism or other acts.  This is why the fine for one controller has been passed along with the new warning.

Police officers found nine pesticide containers that were not locked appropriately in a garden shed at the controller’s home.  The pesticide containers had aluminium phosphide inside of them.  This is a moisture-activated compound that can produce a toxic gas.  The controller was living on the property with his young son, who could have been exposed and potentially harmed by the toxic gas should he have gone into the unlocked shed.  Any pesticide needs to be stored in a metal or fire resistant cabinet and locked.