North Sea Operation for Health and Safety

In the North Sea, a gas leak could take up to six months to repair.  The gas leak on an offshore platform could be a major health and safety risk.  How the gas leak will be plugged is of some concern.  The 238 workers of the platform have been removed by Elgin PUQ to ensure that no one is injured while talks about how to stop the leak are conducted.

Before anything is done workstation risk assessments have to be conducted and also a risk management plan put in place.  The platform is 150 miles from Aberdeen coast.  The leak was discovered on an inspection Sunday.  Two miles around the platform has been made a “border” to keep aircraft and ships out.  This is also a protection measure so that no boat or aircraft gets too close causing a larger issue than just the gas leak.

Shell has also reduced the amount of workers they have at two offshore platforms.  They also closed a Total platform.  These are precautionary measures since there could be a larger issue with these other platforms being close.  About 85 staff members were taken from the Shearwater Platform and 117 from the Noble Hans Deul Rig.  All of the companies are making certain that there is no possible way for injuries to occur from the gas leak at the Elgin platform.  It is always best in safety and health concerns to act with extreme caution and forethought.