Local gas engineer fined for health and safety risk

An Ipswich gas engineer endangered lives between May and June of 2010.  Duncan Frere was hired for jobs during this time, but he was carrying out unregistered work.  He installed and connected several gas appliances at Super Kebab House.  He also carried out safety checks at Kishmish Indian Takeaway in 2011.  The court heard how this 37 year old worked on gas appliances without proper registration and how the HSE was brought into the issue.

The HSE conducted health and safety audits of Mr Frere’s work.  Upon health and safety investigations, it was discovered that he was not registered or trained for the work, specifically on commercial premises.  The inspector stated in the court that he was registered for domestic appliances, but not commercial.  He should have undergone further training to work in the commercial sector.  He was also aware of the law, which is why the court case came about.  He put many lives at risk, including those of the customers, neighbours, and the restaurant workers by not being qualified.

According to Chief Executive of Gas Safe Register Paul Johnston, “If you’re employing an engineer to fit, fix, or service gas appliances, you should always make sure that person is Gas Safe registered.”

It is fortunate that nothing dangerous occurred regarding the harm of any people.  For breaking the law, he will pay £4,000 as a fine and £2,500 for other costs.