Health Workers May Have Breached Health and Safety Regulations

There is every possibility of safety and health breaches.  UK health officials are looking into a case where children may have been affected by narcolepsy due to flu shots. The investigations are looking at the 2009/2010 flu season to see if there were any health and safety at work breaches.

Health officials conducting the health and safety audits believe that children given a flu vaccine during that season may suffer from narcolepsy or other sleep disorders due to an incorrect dosage of flu medication.

The vaccine was for the swine flu called H1N1.  It was given to children when the influenza was being spread quickly throughout many countries including the UK.  The information being gathered is trying to prove one way or another if there was a resulting issue of sleep disorders due to incorrect dosages of the vaccine.  It seems that other countries are seeing similar characteristics in children.  This is why it is believed the vaccine may be the cause.

Pandemrix was the vaccine and two studies have already reported seeing narcolepsy in children who had the vaccine.  This is a high rate of narcolepsy being seen in children after being given the vaccine compared to earlier times.  There may be a risk that could truly spark a global wide health and safety investigation into flu vaccines.  There have been issues with vaccines in the past such as bad batches and more, thus it is a serious issue that needs further study.