Health and safety lacking, ride operator fined

In 2010, a worker was injured at Barnard Castle where the May Bank Holiday Fair was going on.  The worker was thrown from a ride.  This has led the courts to decide that a fine needs to be levied against the fairground ride operator.  The 17 year old was working for Elliot Crow.  He was a ride attendant for the Crazy Frog Ride.  The young man was in one of the cars to work on balancing the ride.  The ride started, but a moment or two later he was thrown from the ride.  He sustained many injuries such as a fractured skull, jaw, eye socket, and wrists.

The HSE conducted health and safety audits to determine what occurred during the incident to cause the young man to be thrown.  The operator who started the ride did not check to see that the young ride attendant was ready by checking the restraints or his seating.  This led to the young man being thrown because the operator did not check.  In health and safety training, any operator is taught to check the restraints and that the passengers are properly seated.  This should be done on any ride whether it is a test ride or not.

The operator has been fined £520 and must pay £500 in cost plus a £15 victim surcharge to cover the victim and witness costs of the incident heard in court.