Health and Safety Executive issues a statement

There were concerns raised by Anita Fleming about safety and health, whose particular concern surrounds the TB guidelines recently issued. The HSE has issued a statement in response to the Dundalk woman’s concerns.  The HSE stated that they do not comment on individual cases.  The HSE further confirms that the guidelines provided concerning health and safety are based on National Guidelines.  The guidance documents are meant to help in many situations, including hospital issues with TB and other diseases that are communicable.

The information provided to the public and hospitals will examine different scenarios so that hospitals understand what is going on. They may discuss patient symptoms or chest x-rays, but the information is not based on any patient name or identity.  Rather, any information shared is within privacy laws, according to the health and safety response made by HSE.

Should there be any concern about care or treatment, the family members can also contact the hospital directly to learn more about the guidelines followed in hospitals, and any information that may or may not be a part of the hospital guidelines that they receive.  The HSE seems to hope that they have alleviated any concerns Anita Fleming or anyone else has.  When it comes to diseases, there is a very important rule in making certain that safety and health guidelines are observed and followed.  Hospitals for training need to understand and read the guidelines to avoid any issue with a disease that can spread with improper care.