Health and safety at work needed on construction sites

A crane operator is electrocuted.  An employee falls more than five metres.  A machine operator is crushed due to the power press.  These are just three examples of incidents that can happen at work. Each has happened in the UK in the last year.  When a worker is injured severely or dies, it affects many people.  Co-workers can be greatly affected.  Their family and friends will also be saddened by such an event.  When we are unrelated to an incident we might feel sorrow, shock, or outrage, but we are removed from the event.  If you want to run a business and continue to remain as an outsider looking in on someone else’s tragedy then you definitely need health and safety at work protocols to ensure your construction site will remain accident and injury free.  The right safety and health protocols in place means you are protecting your workers the best you can with proper prevention methods, such as using up to date scaffolding, secure lines to prevent a fall and much more.

In the construction sector alone, the UK has a rate of 2.4 deaths per 100,000 people.  This means that for every 100,000 individuals in the construction industry over two deaths occur.  The number may not seem very high, but consider the accidents and incidents that might make a person unable to walk or work again.  These major incident numbers are higher than the death rate.  This causes concern and requires health and safety training in all construction companies.