Government in Panic for Health and Safety Issues

It is not lawful to store fuel, but there are many who are trying to take advantage of the low fuel prices before they go up again.  There has been quite a bit of “panic buying” regarding fuel, especially with the recent gas leak offshore.  With the panic increasing, there are definite health and safety risks.

These health and safety risks are not only at the petrol stations where many are going to try to fill up the fuel cans to contain the extra fuel, but back in the neighbourhoods where they live.  Fuel needs to be stored properly, but there are many who will just leave it in their attached garage with other items that could lead to fire or worse.

The reason for such panic is not only about some of the offshore locations being shut down, but other safety and health issues.  Many companies with fuel tankers are worrying about their certified drivers going on strike.  They are being asked to change certain things that could make driving fuel more risky.

It seems that there is definitely a significant issue going on and the government needs to step in and make certain that it is corrected before things become worse.  If strikes continue, there will be more fuel panic.  If just one person treats the stored fuel incorrectly and unsafely, it could lead to a fire and severe damage.