Couple Unable to Adopt Because of Health and Safety

A couple was unable to adopt a child because their kettle flex posed health and safety risks.  Education Secretary Gove spoke about the government legislation that has harmed the adoption process. He feels that flexible rules need to exist concerning the effect of health and safety at home and work on adoption.

The case was not simply blocking the parents from adopting because of race differences.  Instead, it was a minor issue that stopped the adoption from going forward.  Even pets can be an issue for adoption.  Some councils have refused or delayed adoptions due to animals, smoking, or in one excessive case a kettle flex issue that did not comply with health and safety rules.

Gove feels that adoptive parents should be increased in supply, not dinged for minor issues, because the children being adopted need the love and stability adoptive parents are willing to offer.  Gove feels there are a number of parents willing to adopt, but there are so many restrictions.  Some of them are slight safety and health concerns, causing some to wonder if regulations need to be examined and changed for the better.

There are definite safety and health risks that should not occur around children.  Children need a safe home to live in.  They should not be exposed to smoking.  This can be a health risk, but a simple correction to a kettle flex should not be a reason to ban parents from adoption.  The reasons need to be valid.