Clevedon man prosecuted for health and safety failings

A gas fitter in Clevedon has been prosecuted for putting lives in danger after he illegally installed a gas boiler and flue.  He did the installation in 2009 on a property in Severn Beach, Bristol.  He was not registered with the regulators during the time.  The court heard about the 47 year old who installed the boiler and flue, and about the work that was incomplete.  It was found at a later date that the flue was not attached properly.  It had actually come apart in the attic space, exposing the house occupants to carbon monoxide, which can be deadly in high enough doses.

The HSE was called in to examine the work through health and safety audits and to examine the man who did the work.  It was found that the worker did not have the work experience or competence to conduct the work.  He did not consider health and safety of the homeowners when he performed the work without proper licensing.  He also falsified documents saying he was an engineer.  The consequences could have been much worse had one or any of the occupants been poisoned.  The illegal gas fitter is lucky no harm came to them and that he only has to provide 12 months of community service for a total of 100 hours and pay £1,412 to the courts.  Things could have gone much worse and it is a fair sentence for incorrect work.