Chemical Spill Highlights Health and Safety Staff

A chemical spill has created an issue for a female worker.

A woman at a Highland industrial company was affected due to an ammonia spill.  Her eyes were injured at Dalcross Industry Estate on Thursday.  The injury had the HSE called to the site for workstation risk assessments in order to determine what occurred to cause the spill. Police set up a 200 metre area where fire crew were called in to clear up the spill.  The incident took place about 4:10 pm on Thursday.

The woman had to go to the hospital in order to get her eyes treated.  She has been discharged after medical attention, but there could be serious side effects, such as loss of sight, depending on how bad her eyes were affected by the spill.  The road was closed for a while to avoid anyone else being injured or affected.

The HSE has not confirmed a full-scale investigation, but chances are there will be an in-depth examination of the occurrence if there is anything found in the initial health and safety audit. Safety and health in the workplace is always taken seriously, especially if there was anything that could have prevented an injury.  Investigators will look to see if there was any neglect on the workers’ parts or by the industrial company.  If something is found to be incorrect there will be further exploration and possibly a fine later on. At this time, however, there is no news as to whether anything was found wrong.