Builder fined in Kent for health and safety issues

Unicorn Services Construction Company located in Kent has been fined.  The company repeatedly ignored health and safety warnings given to them.  The Westminster Court decided to fine the company since the company repeatedly disregarded the health and safety audits by the HSE wherein an inspector stated that changes needed to be made at a Croydon site because of safety and health issues.

The HSE investigator said it was a “death trap” where a four-storey block of flats could have ended in a death or major industry without work being stopped by the HSE.  The court listened to the eight notices provided to the company to stop the work, provide training, and offer better safety and health.  Safety at heights was not existent and there were fire hazards with electrical equipment on the premises.

Even after being given the eighth notice, work continued and no improvement was made.  It was then time for the HSE to issue a stop work alert and bring the construction company to the courts for prosecution.  The fine is £20,000 with court costs of £6,000.  The inspector states a hope that the company will finally realise their shortcomings and make certain in future to avoid any dangerous acts.  The employer has to offer safety for their employees.  When warnings are given, they cannot be ignored.  Other companies will likely also learn from this case to ensure that no accidents, major incidents, or death occur in a construction site because of breaches.