Abbeyleix Hospital to close due to health and safety

The Abbeyleix Hospital has been given an order by the HSE to close.  Yet, an action group is trying to save the community nursing home from closing.  The group gathered this week for health and safety consultations to determine if the future of the hospital could be saved and what the HSE might require to make certain that it will survive.

According to the director and spokesman, the group hired many experts including health and safety consultants to address the issues the HSE has with the nursing home.  They stated they are not going to let anything get by them when it comes to keeping the place open, and the group is determined to do whatever it takes.  They want to have accounting, medical, and planning experts help so that the place will remain open, safe, and have the funds to survive.

The spokesman stated that the HSE might think their decision is final and the group is baffled by the logic that the HSE used to close the facility for good.  Yet, the action group is unwilling to let it go.  They are going to “secure the future” to ensure the nursing home remains open.  There were not many details regarding the actual decision of the HSE other than to say the place would be closed and that experts would be called in.  Still, when it comes to any health and safety decision it is important to have consultants on hand.